Holiday Trip To Belgium

As the Benelux countries were important as economical, historical and financial places of interest, they were at the forefront of European history books since the medieval times.

Belgium is known as one of the Benelux countries as it was first a part of Netherlands and then separated. Historically as well as economically it has made its mark in history as it was one of the countries to enjoy substantial trade and commerce as it as situated in the vicinity of the sea.

When you plan on a holiday trip to Belgium you should open you travel book and scan the places of interest that you need to pay a visit to. Topping the list of these places is the city of Brugge which is described as one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities that this country has to offer to its tourists. In the earlier years it was important to the country as it was one of the first trading posts that carried out substantial marketing and trade deals that gave rise of the features of banks, financial economy and the stock exchange. The word stock exchange was coined from the surname of the person who settled down in this city to negotiate deals with merchants and traders. The surname was 'Bourse' which means stock exchange and hence there evolved the financial tree with a number of financial features and options.

However, the happiness and prosperity that thrived in this city was not a permanent guest as during that time the sea which was 15 km away from the coast of the city started receding and even though efforts were made to connect the sea lanes they were futile and the town economy collapsed. The harsh reality and the facts that are thrown to the general public draw a number of tourists to this lovely city that has the look of the 16th century with additions of modern 21th century appliances and gadgets.

The city has a lot of attractions to offer to the visitor ranging from a quiet walk down the sides of the canals, an impressive marketplace and a castle as well as the 8m m tall belfry which gives tourists a glance of the city's suburbs from the top. For shoppers the north of this city is home to a number of artisans who craft and sell their goods at reasonable prices. A trip to this elegant city is not quite finished until you have visited the idyllic residence of the beguines and the sparkling lake of love situated nearby. The church of the Madonna and the child which was designed and created by the renowned sculptor Michelangelo as also famous museum that boast of paintings from the early 15th century are situated in the environs of the city of Brugge.

Attributed as a heavenly place where one can spend some quality time with their partner Brugge is a romantic getaway which boasts of superb landscapes, cobbled streets, gabled roofs, twisting canals and most of all, the warm welcome one receives from the locals on arrival. And of course, no one would want to miss the chocolates and architecture in Brugge.